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Waste Ink Counter Solution

Reset Waste Ink Counters with InkRESET in 10 seconds!

(Watch VideoManual How to Reset the Waste Ink Counters with InkRESET utility)

Step-by-Step Manual. 

  1. Download InkRESET utility and install it on PC.

    Inkreset install 

  2. Run the InkRESET utility and click RESET WASTE INK COUNTER button.

  3. The window for RESET KEY will appear. Put the RESET KEY in and click OK.

    Reset key need

  4. It takes 2 seconds to reset waste ink counters. 
    Finaly You'll get following message: The Waste Ink Counters havw been reset to 0%

    Reset complete

  5. You can now check counters. Click READ WASTE INK COUNTERS button:


  6. The Waste Ink Counters have been reset to zero. Turn OFF the printer to save this reset!

    You can download InkRESET utility FREE! You can check counters FREE!
    Need RESET KEY - pay on-line, get on-line and SAVE Your time and Your money!

    If you have questions , please contact us




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