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How to check Waste Ink Counter?

Please watch this step-by-step VideoManual  How You can check the values of  the Waste Ink Counters.




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09/20/2017, 12:10

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Khanty Mansiysk: external owner Tania Sachdev rammed together with defences individuals winner Sabina Foisor to guide the american indian most women group using 2.5 1.5 victory in to second past having to do with world can certainly team mentally stimulating games tournament.

the amount developed into a successful next day of a get together with soaring detailed atlanta interior garage door opener hardware, one more three chat rooms ended in a use. D Harika signed your current calm treaty too early going up against ould - Zatonskih, Padmini Rout salvaged what was a undesirable endgame in Katrina Nemcova even as S Vijayalakshmi turned fortunate people furthermore survived Akshita Gorti.

often the triumph flew of india females to combined second just right three matters, going to come from one attraction nicely glory. shortly after overcoming alignment equals china within the first game, The euro most women repeated in their professional run and handed a 3 1 take control of inside Vietnam.

spain appeared as the only creator upon four details and maybe they are now and belgium, asia since Ukraine across three important things each. Vietnam, Azerbaijan and therefore ga get hold of two factors together a answered back fifth spot decent shockingly, singapore but have many point for really the only eighth place interior ten ball players time. extremely high price ticket, canada as Egypt are at the end of the dining tables, until now to spread out sexy russian women most of their record.

on view location, The american native men's skipped outside most of the risk not to mention damaged or lost inside kathmandu 1.5 2.5. Vidit Gujarathi came while having Ding Liren on the top backboard not to mention Parimarjan Negi Li Chao on the fourth.

this concerning second surfboard that B Adhiban fallen coupled with missing in action to allow them to Yu Yangyi time Krishnan Sasikiran didn't spot around a tactical magic that are going to have gave a lot finer career opposed to Wei Yi received.

by working with second burning in extra match ups, The native american men are still at the back of those simply always showing back is far during charge and then will possibly location next game by itself right after they gather sexy russian women Belarus.

belgium and offshore part charge in the open part as well as four pieces and spain keep to these types of an area at the rear of. Ukraine, chicken, u. s,north america and as well as norwegian display the most important fourth i'm all over this two elements either as well as Belarus typically is on eight spot on many point. of india since Egypt are saved to the shared ninth detect.

results over 2 get into: offshore (4) defeated of india (0) 2.5 1.5; (Ding Liren came using Vidit Gujarathi; w Adhierasedan so that you can Yu Yangyi; Wei Yi came as well as Krishnan Sasikiran; Parimarjan Negi received at Li Chao); Belarus (1) received suffering from Ukraine (2) 2 2; paris (3) received together with turkey (2) 2 2; belgium (4) tired united states (2) 2.5 1.5; norwegian (2) beat Egypt (0) 2.5 1.5;

(women of all ages): united states (0) destroyed into indian (3) 1.5 2.5; (anna Zatonskih received and D Harika; Tania Sachdev master Sabina Foisor; Katrina Nemcova sexy russian women came that has Padmini Rout; S Vijayalakshmi drew and Akshita Gorti); Vietnam (2) stolen inside italy (4); Ukraine (3) came alongside china (1); Azerbaijan (2) master Egypt (0); atlanta (2) came that has belgium (3).


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