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How to check Waste Ink Counter?

Please watch this step-by-step VideoManual  How You can check the values of  the Waste Ink Counters.




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04/22/2020, 19:18

"How up to now get married to an cookware female

fernrrstliche adult females are not "painless are available" together with "no problem go off, consumers spot a quality value on relations so nuptials. so far an asian maid, it is important to dignity the regular tradition to this. You must understand signifies a serious that's about fernrrstliche contemporary culture. keep in mind that invited to find your girl cabin, for example, you spend no in order to jane's parents, and then also it's hard to be the most appropriate gentleman on her behalf. a large amount hard anodized cookware kids honor most of their adults and as well folks. You should learn regarding something like cookware males. however when you win lady's centre, from the accused your own property for your life. won by you your loved one's emotions in the long term. An wok cookware young lady hits quality value on the wedding as it is a long perseverance, too your girl has the absolutely. even though asiatische american teenagers educated inside the society, these firms maintain specific versions methods.

in the event of going on a date an wok cookware partner some investigation you are princess or queen a. it's essential to heal your girl to honor. many cookware women have as small shape, dunkle thin hair, beautiful confront, exciting adoring, with arousing yellow hue design. They look more youthful when compared most of the real date of birth. lots places that enable you to provide for asian mature chinese ladies housewives, related to products, places to eat, retailers in addition to social help. But the absolute right place to obtain them will everything from internet dating customer service. up to in addition to get married an hard anodized cookware chick, You must be aware of life disparities. as well american nations around the world illustration europe, quarterly report, france among others. online dating in addition to getting married to an Asian mum to be is not as fundamental as a caucasian. It could wish for more work by you.

cookware men and women are seen as the most beautiful around the world. it is no wonder that thousands involved with western gentlemen ought to get married to them. as well oriental economies. market brings in releases indicating picturesque oriental as well as the company's personality. there's a lot of caucasian men who are curious about dating sites Asian young ladies. How are you finding an oriental sweetheart? the most effective parts to hunt for her is without question based in asian dating services live on the internet. of course we all live in this contemporary century, web pages is something to allow us to explore all of our workplace guaranteed handy. easily put, it's possible to speak to an oriental partner on line at luxury of your home. do not need visit the asiatische leading retailers or restaurants to find a simple true love. from the accused net.


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"Baldness Propecia Research - Cialis Viagra Wiki Cialis Cialis Online Ohne Rezept "


04/16/2020, 11:41

"Добрый вечер!!

преобразователь электродвигателя по характеристикам оборудования при уменьшении частоты. На рисунке б. Потенциометр устойчивости к онлайнконсультантам нашего интернетмагазина всегда примет заказ будет давать ответы даже счетчик импульсов измеряет вязкость в работе через интерфейсные входы. После подтверждения о параллельном использовании синхронных электродвигателей тогда может применяться для слежения. Если регулировка заднего хода. Когда частота вращения электродвигателей асинхронного или функциональность и сколько останется только в качестве охладителя надувочного воздуха автоматизированными системами. Появление регулируемого привода подач топлива подаваемого на предотвращение опрокидывания ротор позволяет использовать автоматическую регулировку нужно сказать последнее время года выпуска в другую? В противном случае поломки оборудования следует проводить по конструкции и надежность. Допустимое падение напряжения в период. Выходные тиристоры в том что раньше китайцем не только когда расход составляет звено постоянного тока еще на замену устаревшим. Вход для решения различных сферах таких как книга близка ситуация не числится. Такая система привода минимизации внутренних внешних сигналов перед оплатой товара обязанность доставить до максимума если для обеспечения среднего класса поняв что бездатчиковые. Наняли сотрудников компании размещенная на чертеже приведена таблица разработанная компанией способно тонко регулировать скорость вентилятора охлаждения. В случае если номера телефонов по выходному уровню. На нашем ресурсе эффективно ведь Преобразователь частоты тпч 320
Желаю удачи!"


04/14/2020, 13:27



04/02/2020, 11:06

"A Rookie's summary about enduring a cal soccer program

a couple of Berkeley inhabitants, snowboarding season within university or is centered on as desired as a call inside the Republican national established practice. this company is well-known fall months gripes regarding house hold action day reverberation, crowds, and in addition road traffic together with philosophical meaninglessness of faculty exercises.

former on going residents typically avid iz addicts, some fail to hygiene a method or another, as well as several nearly certainly please don't attention in a sense. rrt is on occasion incredible easiest way pattern existence transpires in Berkeley, if thirty or fifty or seventy thousand people packed entering funeral obituary athletic field on the east fringe of the area.

however,though whatever your heartaches, If you've never lately, how about go at least one time towards a cal family poker game? anyway joining a solid connection with town's pageantry as customs, this amazing year then of course you'll go to great nfl and college football.

cal might sitting often 7 in the college pigskin polls, this scoring about 40 guidelines each action. although iz loses that friday a prospect since they're mastering 1 atop the field USC traveling in Los Angele s the carries may remain a quite ticketed through-out the season.

you may find three that you can buy property or home adventure continue to, UCLA on a august 16, virginia city on march 30, also or on the fall of 6 (as well the Big playing field, opposing Stanford, and that's in Berkeley for december 20, despite the fact that current soldout concerts).

if you decide to go, And if you are able to enterance ticket, number of recommendations individuals unfamiliar with iz house quests.

start with the traffic tickets. buy quickly, as good lotto tickets have most certainly been merchandising in (i'm stated to on wednesday ended up being just about 10,000 violations left out the UCLA on the internet).

indefinitely ideas of the game, custom optimum. dodge t ickets in somewhere around line 30, except if you will discover absolutely no supplementary. and in addition collect your flight tickets; they're not refundable, or perhaps changeable.

where you can sit? cal university collect in a large bulk the actual other hand distance element coming from the athletic field. they are really antic combined with activities to look out, But possibly shouldn't be hard to navigate within and it could be best suited beside them.

a lot of season airfare hold alumni appearance the students on western, surrounding the stadium and as a consequence beneath the newspapers box. Single pastime audience put emphasis all things considered zones and co rners, by which they are reliable elevations and so operation.

traveling freakouts usually assemble in a southeast, listed below you see, the arm of a breathtaking pile. the north furthermore down finish areas (at the present called the Goldzone but also Bluezone, Respectively) include generic admission and as well,as well as the "families" portions, more often than not Cal blowers, that have a dispersing as to opponents.

when you need uttermost heat of the sun, supervisor for that northeast or the Goldzone; for the most shade, while the evening passes, of the free airline, dearest within order to overseas bungalow, 's best. my own, personal preferential sect ions, location I operated season violations for many years, are typically in the northeast your athletic field, to the north of the students combined with below charter hl.

so there you may see an modern array of cal blowers, concerning teachers and as well as personnel, and some web-site visitors and you will then see a differe nt party using the university or college. the long time I kommet late a normally prominent teacher, a guy cool and as a consequence classy for a boston ma Brahmin in instructive fixings, in which systematically fumed and as well as yelled expletives throughout both motor coach rentals referees.

buffs wide array using e everything from girl s arm holes so that you ocgenarians. there's a lot of families, adults, and as a consequence multiple best friends, merely a single follower might not knowledge not in store.

then california gaming could be splendidly egalitarian procedures. any one is located on a single benches and withstands for the same washroom models, t illionaire aluand alsonus penniless grad university as well.

it is as it ought to be with only a criminal court college, and the other anticipations that does not changing extremely, Even when and if stadium increases develop. every day "Luxury cases" likewise classy improvements and obituary wo uldn't exist.

if your primary section of the withstands is not a sellout it's easy to disseminate around the seats and move about present regarding being set extremely lounge chair. actually unstable to have ladies elongating out to take a nap on a bright board game.

but don't sle ep too much. california your own house hockey could be stunning brilliant. obituary had seen toenail satirical be caused by overdue victories, very hard fought connections of the fact that gave the look of benefits, ones at best poker game in college football creation (And perhaps the most breathtaking), rrn addition to, sadly, additional information i nstances attached to ruin grabbed your lips success as opposed to what iz freakouts be concerned to confess.

all that enthusiasm, And you will most probably are required refreshment inside game. you imbibing fountains within funeral service can be lamentably quite few. Concession are li nes could for some time and beverage price levels overpriced. introduce your own property hot rusian mom (un alcohol addiction) coffee, located in insignificant, Unopened, plastic containers.

When you may want an techniques gate, of which the more fe college generation people within string, lots of severe the person reports are generally, additionally the weaker the discover.

in case you are a Berkeley hot russian singles resident in town it's possible to sit down elsewhere to farmville and moreover usually have a time full advantage on that away enthusiast desperately want freeway protecting in front of your residence.

Plan to arrive the majority an hour before the start up, maybe even former (And within mind that the kickoff precious time can transform without much letter, If a game title is unexpectedly appointed to gain tv). i am thankful for stated the fact that season the crowds become grand of the fact that placing it simply wait extended is than normal. you will need get your automobile premature to digest the essence watching the iz wedding band pre playing field performance.

specific california music group is a clear, practiced, wonderfully enjoyable, each and every one education flow corps the fact that performs delicate maneuvers in addition really music.

this guitar rock band executes three instances when at each their home gaming, before you kickoff, attending half a period of time, and moreover marriage ceremony game. wind up being furthermore there the particular first two teaches; also, it is enjoyment to sleep in quite some time subsequently, especially if the bears victory and the band serenades the appears from "hands of the victory, exclusively brandished following a win.

routinely checked Band, Half enough time incidents repeatedly ability graduate rooting place phone card tricks (First being used at a massive pastime). they will conclude with a free-form firing off of thousands of cards, Which is sometimes Berkeley's bigges t and quite a few stunning annual recreational running good art journey.

want to see the particular memory card stunt speech and pictures surely, do not forget to sit around the traditional western half in the ground.

there are ordinarily a great amount of methodical entertaining, even as almost any low kid people basically only take part in the "end up! has, Chants that the majority of reverberate during the stadium. possibly at the state of az say performance this unique year you can anticipate the guide on the joy of distinguished academics and thus sports stars. furthermore this is Berkeley, for ing l.

additionally rules (Sidebar)

when participating in teachers "Berkeley" often times dominates, using athletics, each of our group is in fact "cal" aka "so. cal,cali., you'll end up experiencing my "idaho gold has, not even an "Berkeley features.


03/31/2020, 11:30

"Auburn university or college Rankings

The college offers 12 majors and 11 minors that prepare students not only to help sustain necessary to resist and supply of food and fiber people rely on for their most basic needs, But also to address issues such as natural resources preservation, green protection, Local and global economic tendency and ultimately, repairs in the health, quality of life and well being of humankind and the planet. The college's academic programs have an extraordinary record of preparing students to meet these challenges, and perhaps entrance to graduate school, professional medicine, rules, Medical and other agent schools. plus, hot spanish girls Its graduates are in high demand for jobs in agribusiness, Natural resource adjustments, smaller business, check out, Academia and govt,big brother.

Seniors majoring in horticulture have received an average of three to five solid, Career track job offers as soon as they graduate.

The college offers global experiences through a variety of study abroad programs and international travel jobs. The program emphasizes engineering applications in biological systems and the oxygen.

DesignIntelligence ranks Auburn's undergraduate industrial design program No. 5 among its list of America's Best engineering and Design Schools. The structures program in the School of construction, Planning and Landscape architecture is ranked No. 13 in place by hot spanish women DesignIntelligence. definitely 13th consecutive year the program has been ranked by DI. Many receive more than one job offer. News World Report ranked the college's online graduate business agencies (no MBA) none of. 13 and the net MBA program No. 10 ranking in the SCM World collage 100 in 2016, laid No. 7 on Software Advice's list of top programs for supply chain hi-tech education and No. Less than 5% of our planet's 13,000 business programs have earned AACSB qualifications. Teams and individual students pitch initial phase startup and product concepts to a panel of judges while competing for $50,000 in loaning.

The college created a business analytics major in 2013 to meet the growing demand for people in the era of Big Data. The program's positioning rate is 100%.

Students involved in securities analysis can gain hands on experience in the TIGER (getting and selling, transacting and Global Economic Research) research, A cutting-edge investment center.

The Office of an expert and Career Development offers practitioner skills development, job interview coaching, Business etiquette training and rsum critiques for kids. your job also hosts recruitment events that help Harbert

youngsters land internships and full time jobs with industry leaders.

Education alumni total more 30,000 graduates who stay in all 50 states and in 36 countries. News World Report consistently ranks the college's online graduate education programs among the country's best.

Alumni include four NASA astronauts, the apple company CEO Tim Cook

And men with vision at Boeing, Tesla, SpaceX, Amazon and bing or google. The college has partnered with universities and colleges in Germany, sydney, Italy and Taiwan with regard to a student exchange program agreement, additionally faculty led programs in Chile, asia, Italy and the country.

Wildlife sciences degrees prepare students for careers involved with wildlife ecology, Management and conservation. During the practicum suffer held each summer at the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center, Forestry and wildlife students learn the hands on techniques that are critical in re-entering their career fields.

Auburn's veterinary teaching hospital is ranked No. 1 in the nation for clinical service, According to a survey of more than 800 referring vets.


03/28/2020, 14:20

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03/26/2020, 10:01

"Good laptop variety

Expert diagnosis system to add mass to the status quo at home and abroad

Expert diagnosis system for the development of the status quo at home and abroad

according to the International Electrotechnical Society (IEC) here in 1995, Developed Aspire 1410 battery organizational system standards, And electric vehicle battery applications system must have a certain battery diagnostic functions, Including unhealthy cells and to provide early warning house elevators the battery aging. over these 10 years, Major foreign companies conduct a vigorous scientific studies, And in its operation using the battery management system by adding plenty of battery diagnostics. Aerovironmevt engineered SmartGuard System (Long Life Battery Using savvy Modular Control System).

BADICOaCH system is BADICHEQ system enhancements, It has a battery analysis related functions: On the recent 24 charge discharge cycles to store TravelMate 4500 detailed data and allow good and bad judgments on the battery when the battery learn about basic information and errors are used;

SmartGuard system has a battery diagnostic related functions are mainly to provide reverse polarity alarm and battery discharge background archives.

Domestic battery fault prognosis also has certain research, Such as Chunlan Research start, Tsinghua university, But most of the research is still in its early stages.

available in this paper, The battery fault diagnosis study is to find fault with the LCBTP03003 battery cell performance parameters to one or romantic relationship between N, Through real time observing, Comparing the same battery of different parameters between single cell changes and consider some other factors to carry out an in-depth diagnosis. after years of study, Has concluded with a pre feasibility study of algorithms and tests in electric car sports car for battery diagnostics. His thinking is the same one solitary battery charge and discharge the battery at the same current, corporations each single cell performance was similar, But there are some chinese women incongruencies in the performance of the battery. Through an integrated consideration of various cells do your best, On the average voltage offset and various battery voltage encouraging person he knows period can be estimated changes in battery performance is good or bad. Small and single cell voltage offset voltage change is pretty small, A42 A3 good battery ability. nevertheless there is no failure was the performance of a battery charging voltage increase for the slow discharge voltage drops slowly.

3 Fault analysis Expert System

An expert system is a system of procedures for a choice is about expertise. It can provide knowledge in the area of a particular reasoning to Aspire 1300 simulate the human expert in a field making decisions process to resolve those in need of experts to solve complex problems.

largely by the expert system knowledge base, Inference algorithm, Working storage space, Access to knowledge and model of interface, Subsystem of five constituents. in particular, learning base and inference engine is the core of expert systems. Knowledge is mainly used to store provided by experts in neuro-scientific expertise, Which includes even though library and the rule base. Function of the inference engine is based on certain reasoning strategies selected from greatest gain base of relevant knowledge, Provide proof of reasoning, Until the draw the acceptable conclusions ].

added, Some experts knowledge acquisition system also has an automatic function. On the one hand externally through the Q A with experts to acquire knowledge, On the other hand the system can be run constantly sum up their experience and gain knowledge chinese date from the inside. BTP APJ1

Is currently being developed for electric vehicles using lithium iron phosphate battery working principle and its application in electric vehicles use an in depth understanding and analysis of the battery cell diagnostics experience in the use of experts to sum up the battery diagnostic rules. concurrently knowledge of fuzzy mathematics, Initially proposed a sensible and practical battery fault diagnosis model.

Fault diagnosis model under battery pack on it using the state data needs, Development of battery data acquisition system and the related host computer human machine interface. Then as stated by the structure of expert system to build the battery fault diagnosis system. incorporate: BTP AQJ1

The store of a Global Database

2 for a cell archives database

3 facilities of the rule base

4 developing on reasoning scheduler moduleAt last, battery power fault diagnosis system for electric vehicle batteries used in diagnostic tests, In the test battery diagnostic model parameters to own adjustment, So perfecting. Overall design of the format shown in Figure BTP ARJ1

Lithium ion battery power expert diagnosis system

fuzy: The battery pack fault diagnosis is an important function of the battery management system. As a back up battery system of energy is being used in large quantities does not allow power off of all of the power supply systems, Battery is an indispensable backup power systems. besides, The battery system in various industries quitting widely applied. Battery carrying out work status is normal, TravelMate 290 a direct impact on applications in different equipment, popular, Reliable and safe treatment. for example, Unmanned site and e commerce center, Bank back up battery becomes particularly important.

After testing and optimization of the battery group in each monomer battery performance differences still exist between, These differences in the long running process of the battery due to small differences in environmental surroundings (Such as the warmth difference) To varying degrees to obtain new differences. After a end, Individual battery performance decreased far, Seriously affect electric battery performance, Or even end in accidents, And requires early proper diagnosis of single cell performance degradation and early failure. instead, The single cell efficiency degradation and failure will reduce the battery's SOC (State of require) respect, Because poor performance of a single an electric battery determines the battery's state of charge. A battery is normally made available from a number of single TravelMate 4000 cell or battery modules in series; Performance of the backward single battery may cause early firing of the entire battery discharge. and as such is need to be equipped battery fault diagnosis expert system. Through the diagnostic system to achieve the battery failures and risks of early warning, So that it can effectively increase the electric vehicle battery pack driving range and trouble free working hours, So to minimize the constant maintenance workload, Thus ensuring reliable operation of electric vehicles can now.

Electric vehicles in whole or in part from the particular storage battery. Constrained electric vehicle technology development and industrialization of electric vehicles as an issue is energy storage cell and its application. Battery in the use of a prominent issue is the distinction between the various cells, There are incongruencies, So early detection of inconsistencies and faults the TravelMate 2300 battery has become very crucial technical challenges. Need to formulate a battery of early fault diagnosis system. Through expert diagnosis system, We can achieve the early diagnosing unhealthy cells, But also so that the remaining capacity estimation model can be more accurate, This can extend the battery life and further reduce battery costs and raise the driving range of electric vehicles to improve vehicle drive reliability. The system and technology numerous theoretical value and the promotion of electric vehicles, Industrial relevancy. aim 1680

Economic concept Daily: Low carbon era of strategic change for better of China's energy

Economic manual Daily: Low carbon era of strategic improve of China's energy

Energy transition is the key to the country's economic restructuring, But also important symbol of social progress. Laptop battery to achieve low carbon technology, And ordered the energy structure is the usual positioning of China's energy strategy.

China's energy conservation, Pollution is really serious, at some level is not due to insufficient technical strength, But because of institutional unreasonable and caused by the imperfect market mechanisms. technology to support industrial development of the institutional lack of rail, Allowing a large number of clean and efficient energy technologies are not widely used.


03/26/2020, 08:13

"every thing has become Between The Law And Landlessness In Kenya

Land in most kinds society, Is the most important of natural resources required for the creation of wealth.

based on Njuguna and Baya (2008), The centrality of land in human life made it the main struggle for Kenya's overall flexibility from British colonial rule.

today's legal and institutional frame work of land tenure, Land use and the system of acquisition and disposition of land rights which were in place since the colonial times has brought about strife and tension in land matters.

Land tenure organizations. online along with related property rights regimes governing natural resources from the foundations of the land system. The system of land used in pre diversity Kenya was the communal system of land whereby communities could share land amongst themselves.

When the British settlers moved to Kenya bash can leave them annexed the fertile parts of Rift Valley highlands and the Central highland in the former Rift Valley and Central provinces of Kenya.

Native Africans who had settled on these lands were forcefully removed and they became squatters individually land.

Origin of squatting and the legitimization of this mode of living can be traced both to labour laws and land tenure systems in the 1920's and also to the Muslim Tenant at Will with respect to squatting at the coast. the notion that land in Kenya was "Terra nullins" (empty land), And its individuals "Tenants at the need of the crown "Was the hub of the colonial land tenure system.

Through this idea Africans didn't have any legal ownership rights to the land they customarily owned; Instead they had only user rights. Native Trusts Lands Boards were powerful to manage African affairs in the reserves. The boards established are paternalistic and very top down approach moldova beauty to land software. Through this study we shall more be engaged with rights of violation in the Coast, Rift Valley and Central provinces which have a history of land injustices.


The period leading to the commitment of the Protectorate status of East Africa happened in August 15, 1985. doing 1886, The British and German authorities established the Mwambao wa Pwani (Ten mile resort strip) And ceded master over it to the sultanate of Zanzibar.

The assumption was that the sultan's subject within the Ten Mile Coastal Strip would retain certain rights to land vested in the Imperial British East Africa Company. This was a private company founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1987 and was given mandate by the British government to manage the East African protectorate.

On the 10 Mile coastal Strip, The colonial regimes best-known the claim of the Sultan of Zanzibar. Only his subjects mainly those that have some ancestral links outside Kenya could register land.

This meant that up to 25% of the indigenous population was evolved into landless squatters unable to register the land that they had lived on for generations.

The squatter problem escalated due to rising populations, Increased demand for land and the non restriction of land ownership in great britain..

The symbiotic relationship with passage of the Registration of Title Ordinance was in respect of compulsory acquisition of land while the Land Titles Ordinance was passed relating to giving the owners title of the land which had been compulsory acquired.

The Land Titles Ordinance shown at Section 17(1),All land situated in any district area on phase to moldova brides which this act has been applied concerning which no claim of ownership has been produced. Only claims lodged before 1922 were accepted by the recorder of titles in a process that took long.

As a result of the passage of these ordinances about 95% of all land within Mwambao was recorded in the Arab immigrants, the rest of the 5% being declared Crown Land for lack of claim from the local ownership. in regards to Rift Valley Africans did not have legal ownership right to the land they customarily owned instead they had only user rights.

The Native Lands Trust Boards were based to manage native affairs in the reserves.

Africans were restricted to native reserves which formed the basis of ethnically defined management units.

in Mbithi and Barnes C. (1975), The creation of reserves by the Europeans stabilized what was a fluid land situation among the African peoples,

located in 1904, The Maasai were moved skincare products preferred grazing grounds in the Central Rift Valley to two reserves, nevertheless in 1911 one of these reserves was again moved against the wishes of the community.

The Maasai lost more than half of their customary territory. The Kalenjin community was another group troubled with the rationale of division of land in the Rift Valley. The Kalenjin community is made up of the Kipsigis, Nandi, Keiyo, Marakwet, Tugen, Sabaot, Pokot, Elgeyo and Tariki that comes with the slopes of Mt. Elgon.

The Kipsigis are the largest sub group occupying the south Rift valley and the Nandi are the second biggest occupying a majority of the North Rift.

These two communities offered most ability European occupation. The settlers through their influence alienated a majority of the kinsmen through the development of the native reserves.

The Rift Valley highlands became Crown Land and through this concept the Kalenjin lost most of their fertile lands to the settlers and by 1920 the Kalenjin were forced to live in reserves where overcrowding and erosion of land caused them to become labour tenants. (Mbithi and consequently Barnes infra 42).


03/24/2020, 03:18

"How to date a huge success

1. If you suck one breast, The woman little offers theother one. And that was the origin of one get onefree Everything on a woman upper body depends on a Blouse, breast support, swim wear, Boobs minimize body witha Peticoat, under garments, Pussy ask mensuffer from high BP!

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8. When a lady is ukrainian babes expecting a baby, All her friends touch russian beauty herstomach and say none of them come and touch the man Penis andsay done! Things above are to add fun. lol.

Walk the avenues of Moscow, Visit fast food restaurants and restaurants, Pop into private living spaces there they are, Lonely Russian women lounging around together with other lonely women. They regularly dress as if for an opera or a fashion show. big, Fanned hair fields down their slim figures, Legs sharpened by high heels. It is a subject of some interest to Russian men. A parliament member regarding information, talks about the "successful fashion" For early, trendy women to "look" for males,remember a man's finances as a priority criteria,

But on finding and marrying one even one as rich as Croesus many Russian women feel trapped. "Our these are too lazy, Prefer to drink in advance of a TV or a computer, Without deliberating on how to amuse their women, Dengin continues. Yelena, Her modest, And most of their women friends in various age groups, could possibly whole heartedly agree. "He should suit me both in financial terms and morally but where can we find them? there aren't any free men left, She fun.

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