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I get FATAL ERROR! Can InkRESET help?

First you have to check the Waste Ink Counters values. Download InkRESET utility and READ the Waste Ink Counters values.
If one of them is overflow you have to Reset the Waste Ink Counters.
If the printer still indicated FATAL ERROR - there is othe reason you have to fix.

If Waste Ink Counters are not overflow - you have other kind of problem for FATAL ERROR.

It can be:

We are not sure we can 100% determine your problem in remote mode.
So, if you send us the following information about your Epson inkjet printer having FATALL ERROR, we'll try our best to help you and advise the solution. It is FREE. We need:
1. Printer model
2. Operation system (Windows XP, Vista, MAC ...)
3. Do You have CISS or Refillable cartriges  installed in printer?
4. Do you have Epson original cartriges installed in printer?
5. Your printer is connected to PC by: USB cable or WiFi or LAN?
6. Make screenshot of the Epson Status Monitor display and send us.
7. Make short video from when printer starts and when it stops. Audio ON.
After we get this information we';; try to help you.

By the way, you can also check this possible causes of FATAL ERROR: 

1. The CR Encorder FFC has come off from the CR Encoder Sensor board. The CR Encoder sensor is not mounted in the CR Assy. 
2. The CR liner scale has come off. The CR liner scale is not placed through the encoder located at the back of the carriage. 
3. The ASF sensor has come off. The connector for the ASF sensor is not  disconnected. 
4. The ASF sensor is defective or dose not detect the ASF HP position  caused by any factor. 
5. The PF or CR Encoder Sensor is defective or does not detect the slite pattern on the each scale. 
6. The coil for the CR motor has burnt.
7. The coil for the PF motor has burnt.
8. Coil for the ASF/Pump motor has burnt
9. ASF Gear 32 is disengaged to the Combination Gear 14,28 which is  assembled in the DE unit. 
10. Torsion Spring 0.618 comes off from the DE Lock Lever and the hook of DE unit.

If all this will not help we can offer you to read the original Service Manual for your printer model. You can find all Epson Service Manuals at