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Reset Your Printer - Save Your Money!

The problem:

Have You noticed Your printer started to give you Warning Message
 -  Service required. Parts inside your printer are near the end of their service life. See your printer documentation
 - Waste ink pad in the printer is saturated
 - Parts of your printer are approaching the end of their service life. Please consult your printer document
- Printer ink pads are at the end of their service life. Contact Epson for support
- The printer's ink pads are nearing the end of their service life. Please contact Epson support.  

OR Your printer has already stopped working and gives Error Messages :

- Service Required. Parts in your printer have reached the end of their service life
- The waste ink pad in the printer is saturated. Contact your dealer to replace it

Why you can see this messages?
This is because Epson printers have place where Waste Inks are collected - it is the Waste Ink Pad. The waste ink pads installed inside the printer collect unused ink during cleaning and certain printing cycles. When the ink pads reach the end of the component's service life, the printer will display a Warning Message and suspend functionality. Resetting the printer's Waste Ink Counter is an easy task, when using the proper software.
To make things worse, the counter for the head cleans seemed to have been reduced and many people find that they get this message, even after only a few months use. This service requirement was unusual for previous Epson printers but is commonplace now.

The reason for having to do this according to Epson, is that your Ink Pad is full and needs replacing.


 Waste Tank Full. Everytime your printer executes a head clean, the ink is dumped into an absorbent pad in the bottom of the printer. This process is counted by your printer and after a determined amount of head cleans have been performed, a warning that maintenance will be required is presented. Shortly afterwards a message appears that the printer has to have maintenance and the printer will no longer respond.

The solution:

So you take it to Epson and pay $40-$50 for a service, not to mention the inconvenience and delay.  However, follow the following procedures and you can avoid this unnecessary expense.

InkReset Utility is the easy answer to Waste Ink Counter overflow problems. This award winning software will reset the waste ink counter in few seconds and let the  printer work for You again..

Resetting the printer's Waste Ink Counter is an easy task, when using the InkRESET Utility.

Download InkRESET Utility FREE - download InkRESET here.
Download and Check the Waste Ink Counters values - watch the Video How to check the Waste Ink Counters.


However, help is at hand and your can avoid this expensive and time wasting exercise with a little bit of work and downloading and installing a utility programme. This is applicable to Epson Model R210/R310, but all Epson printers work exactly the same way, so if you have another model, you may well be able to use the methods as outlined below.

Look on the back of your Epson printer.   At the rear of the printer, you will see a little door with a screw holding it in place . Quite often there is a little door which can be opened and the plastic tube leading to the waste tank fished out with a bit of wire - Epson R210/R230 Other models may have the opening in a different area at the back of the printer and some of the multi functions may have it inside the case. Have a look in the area where the printheads rest, that is where the headcleaning takes place and the plastic tube will be in that area. Diverting the ink out of the printer will avoid the waste tank filling up but the head clean counter will still be active.

 Unscrew and remove door, the tube to purge pad will be lying inside at bottom of the printer, not attached at the end. Make a hooked piece of wire from paperclip and lift the tube up and out of the opening

 Then cut small slot in door for tube, add an extension to the purge tube and position a plastic container to collect the purged ink, be prepared for a surprise when the head cleaning takes place and ink is purged! 

From then on, no worries about filling up your purge pad or spending your money on a service for the purge pad – enjoy.

Save Your Time, Save Your Money - Fix Your Printer Yourself!